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A day on the job with Vegard Engh

A day on the job with Vegard Engh

A day on the job with Vegard Engh

No two days are alike for a lorry mounted crane operator. Today Vegard is working for Kynningsrud Fundamentering and will visit Oslo, Tønsberg and Fredrikstad.

Before we can leave, Vegard must remove the jib and find the right trailer. It is important to bring the right equipment along. It is 07.30 and the weather is warm and the rain clouds low. We are on our way to Oslo to load up a 20 foot container and other smaller equipment.
Vegard is not one of those people who need a cup of coffee in the morning. However, he does down water and crispbread in the morning before setting off on the half hour drive from Askim to work Vegard works in the Vinterbro division just outside Oslo.


We leave Grorud at 09.30 with around 15 tons of equipment properly strapped and lashed down. We are on our way to Tønsberg. It is good to get back in the lorry after working outside when the weather is not at its best!

The holidays have just finished and traffic has just started to build again, but it is flowing nicely through Oslo.

Enjoys his own company

The job of lorry mounted crane operator requires independence, the ability to tackle challenges and liking your own company, I assert. Vegard does not completely disagree. You can spend many hours alone behind the wheel during the year. He says that’s fine because he can listen to the radio and has a phone.

Crispbread and water

We eat lunch on the E18 – crispbread and water for us both. This reporter found sitting in the lorry comfortable and had no complaints about where they ate lunch.
“I often eat lunch in the lorry, that’s just the way it is,” says Vegard.

By 11.30 Fundamentering’s equipment is in place in Tønsberg and Vegard puts the lorry in gear. We are going to take the Bastø Fosen ferry from Horten back over to the “right” side of the fjord. The rain clouds have been replaced by sun, and things are looking really good for the weekend. The crossing takes half an hour and Vegard spends the time enjoying a waffle while I chug down the coffee.

Fredrikstad is next, here the trailer will be loaded up again before the weekend starts and he returns home to the wife and kids.

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  • Name: Vegard Engh
  • Age: 45 years old
  • Employer: NC Kynningsrud AS
  • Position: Crane operator
  • Family: Married with two children
  • Spare-time: Enjoys travelling, especially to our “cabin” in Turkey. Renovation.
  • Job advantages: Variation, meeting people and opportunities to work more in order to get days off in compensations.