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Young apprentice reaching for the top

Young apprentice reaching for the top

He is 21 years old and has only spent 6 months in his job as a mobile crane operator in Nordic Crane. However, there is no doubt that Kristian Lorentzen Mansåker knows what he wants. He wants to rise - to the top.

People heading to the top need drive and to show initiative. This young man from Lye in Jæren has it. “If you want to reach a goal, you have to be willing to make an effort,” he says himself.

That is precisely what he did when he contacted Nordic Crane about a job in January. Up to then he had worked as an element installer. He met some of Nordic Crane’s people on a project in Flekkefjord and thought being a crane operator sounded exciting and challenging. He couldn’t let go of such an opportunity. Even though he has experience being both a welder and electrician, he knew that this was the job he wanted to do.

Kristian knew that if he was going to have a chance he would have to take the initiative. The first step on his path was the skills and formal background necessary to operate a mobile crane.

Underwent the training on his own initiative

No sooner said than done. The 21 year old took matters into his own hands and enrolled on a course at Rogaland Crane School in Skurve in Gjesdal. He spent all of January this year there. But by the end of the month he had his crane operator’s licence.

Without a crane – no job. However, Kristian had no doubts about for whom he wanted to work. Nordic Crane – second to none.

He contacted the company while he was still training. The man on the other end of the line, Roy Otto, encouraged the young man to send an email with more information. But Kristian did not want to do that. He wanted to meet Roy face to face. And he got to. The day after the 21 year old was on site in Soma. And after 10 minutes he was offered a job. An employment contract was signed and thus his goal had been achieved – for now.
This is neither the first nor last time Roy Otto has hired someone for Nordic Crane. But there is no doubt this one was special. He knew straight away that the 21 year old from Lye was the right man. So what exactly makes this newcomer suitable?

Has won a lot of trust

“I hope and I believe I am conscientious. And I really like the job, almost regardless of the time of day. I work on a lot of different projects, all depending on where they need me. And now I also have a new crane,” says Kristian, proudly showing off an impressive vehicle. From a 60 to a 150 ton crane in just a few months. THAT shows that the lad has won a lot of trust.

“Probably the most important thing about Kristian is that he has the desire, willingness and ability to be a good crane operator,” says Øyvind Dahle of Nordic Crane Group AS. This relatively new employee has settled into his working environment well. There is no doubt that Roy hit the nail on the head when he hired him

“What makes a good company man?”
“It is someone who delivers in relation to what needs to be done. Someone who works well with the coordinators, who has a good relationship with customers, who does the job at the agree time, and who works with the others on site. We are also interested in being solution oriented and flexible. Our focus is on the customer’s needs, regardless. This is especially important because many people depend on our cranes to the job as it should be done and when it should be done. Kristian can do all this, which is impressive given his short time on the job,” says Dahle.

Going that extra mile, satisfied with his terms

A 100% focus on HSE provides the very basis for doing a good job. When you work with heavy weights and a lift can involve 20 tons, safety is obviously critically important. A lot can go wrong. Trust and considering people and property are important. Safe job analyses and risk assessments both form part of a crane operator’s working day.
As Kristian says as he shows off his crane, a Tadano Faun, or just a Faun as it is commonly known. “Stable. Good to operate. And strong. A dream to work with.”

“Good working conditions?”
“Of course. And I am very satisfied with the pay. As long as I’m ‘free and frank’, I am available whenever there is a need for me. It provides a little extra in my wallet, which suits me well. Today he is working on a new building in Risavika in Sola. Tomorrow he will be working somewhere else. He does not know exactly where yet. And it is precisely this that makes the challenges so exciting. No two days are the same,” concludes Kristian Lorentzen Mansåker.

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  • Age: 21
  • Employer: Nordic Crane Stangeland AS
  • Family: Single
  • Profession: Crane driver
  • Interests: Cars
  • Listens to: All kinds of music
  • Favourite food: Overtime meals